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Customizations to your website

Technical assistance

Google optimization advice

Training for your staff

Publishing new content

Expert answers

Where many others leave off

After website creation, clients are often left alone by their agency. We offer ongoing support and technical assistance to all our existing customers.

Read more about our individual support services.

Why reliable support is so important

Your employees can’t know everything and even the most experienced user has a question once or gets stuck with his knowledge. For this we offer expert support and monthly maintenance of your website.

Customizations to your website

Your website needs to grow with your business. That’s why adjustments are necessary from time to time. Sometimes it’s small things like a new logo that needs to be integrated. Other times it’s the presentation of a completely new business unit.

You can count on our support for every new requirement.

Technical assistance

Our technical support ranges from very mundane things, such as a forgotten password, to advice on integrating a new tool, to fixing serious technical issues, such as malware or security vulnerabilities.

Google optimization advice

Whenever a new service or business area is to be presented on your website, always consider the potential impact on your Google rankings. Even large companies have seen years of build-up destroyed by such changes. Expert SEO advice in advance could have prevented this. 

We have been doing search engine optimization since 2009 and can tell you very precisely what really matters.

Employee trainings

A new employee is in the house and before he/she can make changes to the website, training is recommended. Even if there is already experience with WordPress and similar systems, every website has its own peculiarities.

We train your employees via Teamviewer or zoom and show them exactly how to find their way around the backend of your website, how to make changes and what to look out for.

Publishing new content

Time is short and the last time you were logged into WordPress was 8 months ago? You have more important things to do than formatting the new blog post?

Just send us your new texts and we will publish them for you. Our customers order this regularly via support contract or support quota.

Knowledgeable answers

We are involved in the decision-making processes between management, marketing and also external service providers on a daily basis. You want to integrate a new tool on your website and want to assess the consequences? You want to integrate Google Tag Manager but don’t know how? You have questions about the Facebook™ Conversion API? 

We have an expert answer ready in all questions and support you promptly in your daily business.

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