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WordPress maintenance
and updates

Regular software updates

Protection from hacking & malware

2-factor authentication

Daily backup of your website

Monitoring your website

Firewall for your website

Server maintenance & system updates

Your web hosting and WordPress website are based on software systems that need to be updated regularly. This is the only way to keep your website protected from malware and hacking attacks.

Did you know: more thanĀ  90% of all malware attacks are not even noticed by website owners themselves. Most malware infections are only noticed when a customer reports being unexpectedly redirected to a gambling website from your corporate website, for example.

Why regular maintenance is so important

Almost monthly new WordPress versions are released. There are sometimes small, sometimes larger adjustments to the software.

Often security gaps are closed. Therefore, it is recommended to install the regular updates directly after their release into your system.

Caution: better no automatic updates

Many hosters and also WordPress itself have been offering the automated execution of system updates for some time. However, this carries the risk that display or functional errors are not detected in time. In the worst case, you will be notified by a customer that, for example, the form on your contact page no longer works.

We test your website for display and functional errors after every system update.

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Protection from hacking

WordPress systems are the most widely used in the world. That’s why operators of automated hacking scripts specialize in WordPress and keep finding new ways to gain access to your system. After setting up a firewall for your website for the first time, many customers are amazed at how many automated hacking attempts are blocked by it every day. Not just a password that is too weak, but just using the default configuration of WordPress and many other factors can already be a gateway for hacking scripts. At best, this will only result in unwanted links in your content.

At worst, the entire website redirects to a gambling website or other dubious content. Often, this goes unnoticed by the operator, as this kind of redirects only happen on mobile devices (iPhones are preferred).

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Continuous compatibility

When we take over websites, we often find that they have not been maintained for years.

If a basic system update is now necessary, the connection points to newer software solutions are missing. The jump from an old version, to the current WordPress version is then often too large and the entire website must be reprogrammed. We avoid this for you by performing regular updates. Thus, your system is always kept up to date with the latest technology in small steps.

New features

WordPress is constantly being developed further. Many new functions facilitate the creation of content enormously and offer a high added value. Through regular updates, you and your employees will receive these functional enhancements on a regular basis.

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