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Category: Services

WordPress maintenance

Ensure security and sustained performance of your website. Contact us for a custom quote for the maintenance, upkeep and optimization of your WordPress website. We perform WordPress maintenance at regular intervals – 1x per month. Here we routinely go through the most important steps to keep your website protected from malware and hacker attacks WordPress […]

WordPress Programmer & Developer

What tasks does a WordPress programmer do? Your WordPress programmer David Maucher does all the work around the CMS WordPress. In particular, this includes: Programming WordPress Plugins Programming WordPress themes Program interfaces to external portals e.g. an import interface to job portals or an interface to real estate portals or programming exports from WordPress to […]

WordPress Help & Support

Here you will find a list of possible assignments. Do you need help with things that are not listed here? Just send us a request. Hosting & Support Customize PHP version Customize databases Switch to SSL (HTTPS) Move website to another domain Move to other hosting Install WordPress Install and configure plugins and themes Web […]

Optimize WordPress for better page speed scores

The loading time of a website is important for a positive user experience. This is indirectly measured by Google through the dwell time. If visitors often return from a website to the search results after only a few seconds, this signals a negative user experience. One of the most common reasons for the quick return […]

WordPress Freelancer

What makes a good WordPress freelancer? A good WordPress freelancer develops according to WordPress standards or adheres to the WordPress Codex for web developers. A WordPress freelancer delivers first-class structured and object-oriented code. The programming code of a WordPress freelancer is its flagship. A skilled WordPress programmer will always deliver his source code in a […]

WordPress Agency

Are you looking for a WordPress agency to implement your website with the most popular content management system in the world? We are an agency specialized in WordPress and offer services such as theme development, plugin development, theme and website customization and professional WordPress maintenance. Why WordPress agencies love their CMS With over 25% market […]

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