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    We support you in all aspects around the creation of your new website. We can create a completely new website for you or build on the content of an existing website.

    To do this, we work with selected and award-winning graphic designers (including the Red Dot Design Award), who first create your website from scratch using design software. This involves the selection of suitable image material, the choice of high-quality fonts and the “look and feel” of your website.

    Only when you are 100% satisfied with the design drafts, the actual programming of your website begins – true to detail and pixel-precise according to the specifications of the design draft. This is usually followed by a final correction loop. Now your website is ready to “go live”.

    After that we support you with:


    Below we have answered common questions that customers ask when working with us. Do you have additional questions? Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

    Pagebuilders are popular with users because they are easy to use. However, many pagebuilders are no longer state of the art, as WordPress has been using a new architecture since version 5. We recommend our customers to use Elementor, or ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). These pagebuilders are the most widely used worldwide and receive regular (and reliable!) updates from their developers.

    We optimize every website for mobile devices. This includes the end devices that currently have the largest market share. Depending on the requirements, the optimization can be exhausted to over 80 different end devices. However, this usually only makes economic sense for large web portals/newspapers with more than 100,000 visitors per month. We test and optimize typical SME websites for about 20 different end devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones).

    The project duration depends on the extent of the programming work, or the number of templates. If you are not yet a customer with us, we usually need some lead time at the beginning to be able to schedule your project.

    Since we work with experienced graphic designers, your website is first created in design software. These design drafts are approved by you as “final” before the actual programming begins. Since we now have an exact template, we program your website exactly according to this design. Minor corrections are usually only necessary in the tuning of animations or in the mobile version of your website.

    How fast a website loads depends on various factors. In any case, we optimize all resources so that they build up very quickly in the browser. For example, we use SVG graphics wherever possible. We also take care of compressing other images and equip your website with caching and compression mechanisms. However, perfect loading times also require a reliable and fast hosting partner. For this we are happy to make a recommendation.

    Provided that your graphic designer takes certain standards into account, we can also work directly in consultation with your graphic designer. In this case, we do not take care of the design coordination, but only carry out the programming and are at your side as a technical contact.

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