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WordPress Costs and Expensive Pitfalls – A Guide

A lot has happened in the website market in recent years. At times, web agencies could charge whatever price came into their heads. But with the rise of open-source CMS such as WordPress, the number of providers grew steadily. In addition, the usability for the user and creator of the website became easier and easier. […]

About Database Caching

Caching can give the impression of a “Holy Grail” for all performance problems. It’s no wonder people raise an eyebrow when I say “stop caching” in my presentations, meetups or workshops. For some, especially in the WordPress community, I’ve become the guy who hates caching. So it’s time to make it clear what I really […]

Perfect Alternative for Google Adsense Optimization: Ezoic

Anyone who has ever dealt with Google Adsense optimization knows how time-consuming and unsatisfying it can be The provider Ezoic is the perfect alternative to Google Adsense optimization. Actually, it’s not an alternative but Adsense on steroids. What is Ezoic and how does it help with Adsense optimization? Ezoic is a service for A/B testing […]

Create a Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress websites today are mostly created with a so-called page builder and ready-made multipurpose themes. The advantage of these “ready-made” solutions is that anyone can create a WordPress website with a drag and drop editor. The individual boxes, headings and elements have predefined styles and look “good” from the start. Also, the Multipurpose Theme can […]

WordPress (Managed) Hosting: a Dangerous Myth

When we talk about WordPress hosting in the following, we more precisely mean “WordPress managed hosting“. The word “managed” implies that something is “managed”. WordPress Hosters promise with their service, that both the server and the wordPress instance will be managed. In other words: The website owner doesn’t have to worry about handling the server, […]

Create WordPress App

Your website is a crucial part of your company’s online presence. That’s why you spend so much time perfecting every nook and cranny. It’s why you make sure it’s optimized for every device. But is it really? A responsive website is great for presenting all the information on your regular website in a mobile way. […]

WordPress VIP: Advantages / Disadvantages / Alternatives

Recently, one of our readers asked us about WordPress VIP and its its advantages. WordPress VIP is a managed WordPress hosting service for businesses and large websites. In this article we will explain what WordPress VIP is, what benefits it offers and what alternatives are available. What is WordPress VIP? WordPress VIP is a particularly […]

Advantages of the Genesis Framework

Das Genesis Framework ist ein sehr schnelles, komfortables und extrem weit verbreitetes WordPress Theme. Genaugenommen handelt es sich um ein Parent Theme, welches die wichtigsten Funktionen von WordPress in kompakter Weise für Nutzer und WordPress Programmierer, bzw. Entwickler zugänglich macht. Das Grundlayout und die Optik des Parent Themes sind wirklich unansehnlich und wirken auf Neulinge […]

Downsides of Using WordPress Plugins

Why I don’t use WordPress plugins Admittedly, the title is a bit provocative. There are a few WordPress plugins that facilitate search engine optimization enormously, for example. Even if a website should be multilingual, you can’t get around one or the other plugin at the moment, unfortunately. Plugins make a WordPress site slow WordPress in […]

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